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          Retirements, Business Events and
          Just About Any Special Occasions!

want to Awe and Excite Your Guests!

TaDaah!  I can help!

Sorry, I don't do personalized caricatures such as above,

This drawing is my niece's daughter!  I did this for my family!

In case You wanna know, I  Take 3 Minutes
or Less, Per Caricature.

To say it bluntly, I do from 25 to 42 Caricatures an Hour!

" NOT !  No Way ! "

Unheard of, you say????
You Gottaah See Me in Action
to Believe it For Yourself!

Order the "Camera-Setup"
for their entertainment!
You won't be disappointed.


Your guests will NOT be bored.
Why you ask???  Because they'll see
a blank paper "Come-Alive!" 100 feet away!

They will Love it!


They will Absolutely Love These!


Look at the photos below, these guests loved it!

Yes, that is the line and it continues to the other end of Sheraton Waikiki Hotel Ballroom. This second photo (on your right) is the same line that starts from behind me.  You can see me with my hand showing those in back of me, the caricature I did of that woman.  4/11/2018

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Hi Frank... Thank you for the outstanding caricatures you drew of the cast for "It's Only A Play" for the poster and the newspaper ad.  They are wonderful!   Bravo.

I told Donna I like them so much and the job she did on the poster and ad that I've asked her to enlarge the poster for me so I can have it framed to display on my office wall.  She's graciously agreed. Thanks again.

I've had several people comment to me how neat and cool your work is...and I totally agree !!!  

Aloha, and all the best,

Joe Moore

KHON Anchorman

It is often a gamble when selecting services to supplement an already special celebration. One would only want the best. I wanted the best for my nephewʻs first birthday party and after gambling
on a Frank Uratani, I am confident that
that is just what I got, the best.
Frank was friendly upon arrival, through the 4 hours of face drawing, and while loading his supplies back in his car. He was easy going and efficient, polite and unconditionally kind to all the guests. Of the many details to worry about during a celebration, our skilled and systematic caricature artist was not one of them.
Thank you Frank.

Happy Aunty

We had a party for our grandson 2 weeks ago

at the Oahu Veteran's Center. I wanted a caricature artist, so I went on Yelp and found Caricatures by Frank. He had good reviews so I reserved him for our party.

He arrived about an hour before the party started and noticed that we were still setting up the room. We were expecting additional help but found out that they would not be able to help us.  That left my 81 year old mom, my husband and myself to set up the entire hall. He immediately asked, 

"What can I do to help?"

This was the first time we were meeting and he left a wonderful first impression.  Not many vendors would offer their services that way. 

When we had everything setup he then went to set up his station. 

When the party started, guests were immediately drawn to his table. His caricatures were awesome and guests could not stop talking about him.  He is personable and interacted well with everyone.  I was very pleased and will definitely be using his services in the future.  Many guests asked me for his contact information.

Thanks Uncle Frank you are awesome!

Lori R.

Happy Grandma

We had Frank be apart of my daughter's
1st Royal celebration.  Although we had like
5 other activity vendors, Frank was a huge hit!

My guest was so excited to get their caricature
drawings. It was very entertaining to see my
guest get all into choosing their templates
and see the smiles all the guest had after
seeing their drawings and showing it off.

There was projector screen that displayed
Frank drawing all of the guest caricatures, it was
a great feature for guest who wanted to watch
Frank draw. Along with amazing fast
caricature drawings,

Frank himself is wonderful.
He is so friendly, and has a beautiful aura.
 We laughed and talked as if we were
friends for a long time!

Caricature drawings for Frank isn't work,
he looks at it as something he loves doing
and fun. My guest and I definitely saw that!

It was nothing but great reviews from my
guests about Frank and his drawings.
As a host that was so lovely to hear!

This is a vendor YOU HAVE TO

He accommodates all ages, young and old,
even my 72 year old grandma had a kick about it!
Caricatures by Frank is Satisfaction Guaranteed
from all aspects! I will recommend him
to everybody I know who is having a party.
I know I will absolutely have Frank
at all my events!   :]

Crystal D.
Happy Mommy